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CNC milling machine is an automatic processing equipment developed on the basis of general milling machines. The processing technology of the two is basically the same, and the structure is also somewhat similar. CNC milling machines are divided into two categories: those without tool libraries and those with tool libraries. The CNC milling machine with a tool library is also known as a machining center.

CNC milling machine is a type of CNC machine tool with strong processing functions. The rapidly developing machining centers, flexible machining units, etc. are all based on CNC milling machines and CNC boring machines, and both cannot do without milling methods. Due to the complexity of CNC milling technology and the need to solve the most technical problems, people have always focused on milling machining when researching and developing software for CNC systems and automatic programming languages.

The main functions of CNC milling machines

(1) Point control function: The point control of CNC milling machines is mainly used for hole processing of workpieces, such as center drilling positioning, drilling, reaming, spot facing, reaming, and boring, and other hole processing operations.

(2) Continuous control function: milling the plane and surface of workpieces through linear interpolation, circular interpolation, or complex curve interpolation movements of CNC milling machines.

(3) Tool radius compensation function: If programming directly according to the contour line of the workpiece, the actual contour line will increase by one tool radius value when machining the inner contour of the workpiece; When processing the outer contour of the workpiece, the actual contour line is reduced by another tool radius value. By using the method of tool radius compensation, the CNC system automatically calculates the tool center trajectory, causing the tool center to deviate by one tool radius value from the workpiece contour, thereby machining a contour that meets the requirements of the drawing. By utilizing the function of tool radius compensation, the amount of tool radius compensation can be changed, and it can also compensate for tool wear and machining errors, achieving rough and precision machining of workpieces.

(4) Tool length compensation function: By changing the compensation amount of the tool length, it can compensate for the length deviation value of the tool after changing, and also change the plane position of the cutting process to control the axial positioning accuracy of the tool.

(5) Fixed cycle machining function: Applying fixed cycle machining instructions can simplify machining programs and reduce programming workload.

(6) Subprogram function: If the shape of the workpiece is the same or similar, it is written as a subroutine and called by the main program to simplify the program structure. The function of referencing subroutines modularizes the machining program, dividing it into several modules according to the machining process, and writing them into subroutines, which are called by the main program to complete the machining of the workpiece. This modular program is convenient for processing and debugging, optimizing processing technology.

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Трговија на големо ЦПУ машина за глодање со висок квалитет со попуст од нашата фабрика. Нашата фабрика наречена Шандонг EN FIN CNC Machinery Co., Ltd. која е еден од производителите и добавувачите од Кина. ЦПУ машина за глодање произведен во Кина по ниска цена има CE сертификат. Нашите најнови производи никогаш не излегуваат од мода и ја поздравуваме вашата понуда. Shandong Fin CNC Machinery Co., Ltd. е професионална Кина која снима и вакуумира опрема за обработка на дрво Производители и Кина добавувачи на опрема за обработка на дрво за снимање и правосмукалка. Нашата фабрика која произведува ЦПУ машина за глодање. Shandong EN FIN CNC Machinery Co., Ltd. е посветена на производството на опрема за снимање и вакуумирање на дрво од 2010 година. Низ неколку години развој, нашата компанија има акумулирано богато искуство во производството на машини за завиткување и машини за покривање.